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Jaleno Europe Limited is a specialist distributor of small domestic appliances, cookware and housewares. Jaleno represents key European brands on an exclusive basis in the United Kingdom, including Ariete of Italy, BEEM of Germany, Roadstar of Switzerland and Light'n'Easy from UK. Jaleno offers products with a “Point of Difference” with brands and products which will not be found in mass market retailers such as supermarkets.  

All the products represent the best in design and innovation in domestic appliances.

Ariete brings the Italian design flair into homes, from their extensive range of coffee machines to food preparation appliances, from their steam cleaners to steam irons.

Beem, showcases the best in German design, efficient and robust, from Samovars to Breakfast Centres, knife sets to heavy-duty coffee machines.

Roadstar, with typical Swiss precision, produces modern audio units with an old fashioned twist. Retro audio units with all the modern technology built in.

Light'n'Easy, with its 50 years heritage, compliments our product range with modern, lightweight and innovative cleaning and sanitising products that are easy to use.

We are proud to be associated with these brands and look forward to showing our ranges to you.






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