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Electrodomésticos JATA was founded, as a family company, in 1943. The name “Jata” used the beginning and end of the name and surname of the founder Jacinto Alcorta.
The company’s first headquarters were located in Eibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain. They have become a leading firm in the manufacture of small electrical appliances. Around 1980, the family decided to leave the business. In 1990, it was acquired by a group of individual investors with links to the sector, giving birth to the current JATA, S.A.

In 2001 JATA set up a company called DECA, S.A., dedicated to the manufacture and sale of non-electrical domestic products under the JATA HOGAR brand. In 2006 JATA also started business in Portugal.

Thirty percent of JATA manufacturing output comes from Spanish production: Toasters, grills with different surfaces (Vitroceramic, ecologic ceramic, vitrified enamel, terracotta), electric barbecues, quartz heaters and sole plate protectors for steam irons.

Today the Jata brand is the Number 1 in Spain for Small Domestic Appliances and the JATA Group employs about 140 workers. With a turnover around 30 million Euros, 20% comes from export. JATA is present in Portugal (own subsidiary company), Italy, France, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Arabian Countries.