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Proficook – Highest quality with innovative design.

Proficook is part of the Clatronic International GmbH family business has existed since 1985 and is a successful distributor of consumer electronic products as well as small and large electric appliances both in Germany and abroad.

The Clatronic Group offers you a comprehensive and innovative range of products from car radios to citrus juicers and distributes a wide selection - over 300 different models - of practical and innovative electronic devices.

From its logistics centre covering an area of over 70,000 m² at its headquarters in Kempen on the Lower Rhine, Germany, the group of companies is a supplier of all leading national and international commercial enterprises.

Clatronic attaches great importance to high-quality products which everyone can afford. Each device is subject to comprehensive quality development at our site in Kempen on the Lower Rhine before it reaches the sales stage.

Before a device is produced, extensive tests are carried out to ensure serviceability and compliance with standards, e.g. food compatibility, electrical and mechanical safety, etc. Needless to say, all device types from Proficook Range, distributed by Clatronic are also checked and certified by accredited testing institutions according to the currently valid laws, directives and standards. In addition, the model ranges correspond to the required EU directives, which are documented by the CE label.