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  • Ariete 1344 Breakfast Station Coffee Tea 3 in 1 -  Moka,Tea, Frother

MOKA ELECTRIC - Power 500 watts
MOKA ELECTRIC - Capacity 4/2 cups
MOKA ELECTRIC - Accessory Selector 2 coffee cups
MOKA ELECTRIC - Cordless base 360 °

MOKA ELECTRIC - Stand by after 30 'with keeping warm coffee (TO BE CONFIRMED)

KETTLE - Power 500W
KETTLE - Capacity 250cc
KETTLE - Walls nonstick
KETTLE - Cordless base 360 °

KETTLE - Auto shutdown
KETTLE - Hidden Strength
KETTLE - 2 functions Boiling  and heating 
simultaneous operation of electric moka and coffee / milk frother
Auto power off after 30 '

With This wonderful new Breakfast Station it is possible to create many different breakfast of coffee, milk, tea and other infusions, in a few steps and in a few minutes. 3 products in 1: mocha cappuccino + which is at the same kettle, operated simultaneously and with 5 functions - mocha, hot and cold milk frother and water heating to 80 ° and 100 ° C.
Just turn on the imagination and the start of the day will have a completely different flavor.

Ariete 1344 Breakfast Station Coffee Tea 3 in 1 - Moka,Tea, Frother

  • Brand: Ariete
  • Product Code: 1344
  • Availability: Available
  • £99.99

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