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Material from high-grade 18/10 stainless steel, mirror polished outside, glossy inside polished metal
Capacity: 10.0 l water tank, 1.6 l teapot with tea strainer
With 2 heating elements à 2300 W and à 700 W each
Highest energy efficiency by automatically switching off the 2300 W heating coil when the boiling point is reached. With only 700 watts up to 10 liters are boiled quietly or kept boiling at about 98 ° C, without the water as it is common in cooking, splashes up - it just swells. Depending on the temperature setting, the water can only be kept hot or warm without hardly evaporating. If you want to bring it back to a boil, it only takes a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the content.
Hidden and replaceable heating elements under the container
Infinitely adjustable thermostat
overheating protection
dry protection
Illuminated on / off main switch in the container base
Metal drainage tap of high quality,
chrome plated brass with removable
Internal lime and water particle filter made of stainless steel
Insulated fittings made of stable cast metal and
high quality porcelain inserts
Suitable for commercial application or continuous operation
Scope of delivery: Soraya stainless steel samovar

Tea biscuits for tea time
In England, tea drinking has been celebrated by the middle class since the 18th century. Before that, tea was a drink of the privileged upper class because of the high tax. Classically tea was served with tea bread or tea cake. This is made from yeast dough and is flavored with spices or dried fruits. The most well-known representatives are Currant Bread, Fat Rascals, Fruit Bread, Malt Bread and Spice Bread. The yeast pastry is served with butter. However, pastries made from shortcrust pastry have quickly become established. The classic representative is the shortbread. Over time, the crumbly pastry has become increasingly popular 
and elaborately modified, so refined with almonds, nuts, chocolate, spices and jam and gouged out in hearts, crescents, flowers, circles or boat.
A real samovar for professional use
The Samovar Soraya, with its capacity of a generous 10 liters and a total output of 3000 watts, proves its strengths in daily continuous use. This samovar is a tasteful draw in your breakfast room, your restaurant or at your event.

BEEM Samovar Soraya III Stainless Steel 10 Litres

  • Brand: Beem
  • Product Code: Soraya III
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